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Your ideas, our experience: let’s design living spaces together. 

  • Tell us about the rooms you want to decorate
  • We choose and configure your furniture and lighting together
  • We send a detailed quote and assist you at every stage of the project, from supply to installation!

1. What space do you want to furnish?

Select the type of environment you would like to furnish. You can choose one or indicate more preferences.

Commercial space

2. How big is your space?

Indicate the total square metres of the environment to be designed. You can also indicate an approximate size now, and provide more accurate measures in the execution phase.

3. Do you already have a furnishing layout?

If you have already decided upon your layout, our designers can draw up a furnishing plan for you. If not, we can advice and support you in choosing your finishes and lighting.

4. What style do you imagine for your spaces?

Choose the style with which you would like to furnish your spaces.


5. Tell us about your project

Describe your idea and your furnishing needs and let our designers find the right solution for you. Provide the dimensions of the spaces you would like to furnish, or attach a plan or some pictures. Tell us more about your style or brand preferences.

6. Book a free consultation, online or in showroom.

Fill in the fields of the form with the requested information. 

You can upload up to 5 PDF, JPG, TIFF, or PNG files. Max 20MB per file